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Month: July 2015

Choosing the Best Adelaide Lawyers for You

If you are asked what qualities you would look for when determining the best Adelaide lawyers I guess the logical response would include: – A high degree of legal knowledge relevant to my legal issue Logical thinking and the ability to provide sound advice Ability to present a logical and persuasive argument in my defense… Read more »

Williams Legal among the top Defence Lawyers in Adelaide?

What makes Williams Barristers and Solicitors amongst the top defence firms in Adelaide? The legal team at Williams is led by Andrew Williams which provides our firm with a clear leading edge over many other firms offering similar services. Andrew’s defence credentials are unique in that he applies the knowledge and experience gained as a former… Read more »

Robots On SA Roads – New Issues for motorists and the traffic lawyer?

The Premier Jay Weatherill  announced in July the trial, which will be overseen by the Australian Road Research Board Group in partnership with Volvo.  The trials will take place on the Southern Expressway in November 2015. Whilst the technology for driverless cars is with us now, the biggest questions other than ‘where can I buy one’… Read more »

Home Detention and Community Supervision Alternatives to Prison

At Williams Barristers and Solicitors we are proud of our reputation in achieving the best outcomes for clients in criminal matters. We believe that prison sentences are often counterproductive for both a client’s rehabilitation and society in general.  Sentences of imprisonment should only be imposed if all reasonable alternatives are exhausted; however, over the last 10… Read more »

Your Rights When Dealing with Police and Authority Figures

  Rights of Individuals On 15 July 2015 advertiser.com.au started a series of articles on the rights when dealing with police and authority figures with advice from the Law Society of SA. The first article What are your rights? What South Australian law says about dealing with police and authority figures has a number of… Read more »

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