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Month: October 2015

Wills, wills, wills. I don’t want to think about it right now.

As a Wills & Estates lawyer I often hear the following statements from clients, family and friends: ‘I don’t need a Will! all I own is a house and my bank account’, or ‘I don’t need a Will, my family will decide what happens to my possessions when I die’ or ‘I’m too young to… Read more »

What Are the Rules for a Motorised Bicycle?

Bicycle, motorised bicycle, power assisted bicycle, Pedelec, Motor Bike? Rules in South Australia require drivers to have a licence for bikes with more than 200 watts of power.  When purchasing a motorised bicycle it is critical to understand the engine capacity.  It is easy to be breaking the rules unknowingly and you could be fined for… Read more »

New Traffic Laws for Motorists and Cyclists

Motorists will will be required to leave at least a 1m gap when overtaking cyclists in a 60km or under area and 1.5m on the open road under new traffic laws from 25 of October 2015. In addition the fine for riding on footpaths will be gone for cyclists of all ages. Further information was published… Read more »

Is Queens Counsel the Same as Senior Counsel?

  “I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a view that SC is inferior to QC” – Rocco Perotta, Law Society SA.  Full article ABC 4 Sept 2015 Since 2008 all new appointments  in South Australia have been known as Senior Counsel. The Attorney-General, the Honourable John Rau MP has indicated that there is sense in having a… Read more »

Infringement Notice: A Lawyer May Make the Difference

Adelaide woman sells car for $700, slapped with a $786 Infringement Notice for speeding 11 hours later. The ABC Adelaide published an article by Brett Williamson on Tuesday 29 September 2015 in relation to unfortunate circumstances for a woman who sold her car but was later confronted with speeding fines worth more than what she… Read more »

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