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Month: March 2017

What can the best drink drive lawyers do for you?

It is common to think that nothing can be done with a drink drive charge but that is not always the case.  There are a number of aspects to be considered for a defence.  The result can be a reduction in the level of offending or it may lead to the charges being withdrawn. Drink drive lawyers… Read more »

Motorbike riders allowed to lane filter on South Australian roads

Clarifying the law for motor cyclists and SA traffic offence lawyers Lane filtering will become legal on South Australian roads from the 15 April 2017.  This was announced by the Minister for Road Safety, Peter Malinauskas on 22 March 2017.  Lane filtering is the practice often seen on our roads when motorcyclists take advantage of… Read more »

Drug Driving in South Australia

Drug Driving Offences – Division 5 Road Traffic Act 1961 While experts disagree about the precise effects of illicit drugs on an individual, there is agreement that drugs in the system can make driving extremely dangerous. They may alter perceptions, impair coordination,  effect reaction times and the ability to make judgments about distance and speed.  There is no ”safe” level of… Read more »

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