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Work experience and placements

How work experience has effected me and can effect you.

On the 29th of May, as a year ten student of just 15 years, I began my four-day placement with William’s Barristers and Solicitors. I did so to transition into the legal practice by broadening my knowledge and gaining contacts in the industry.
Having an idea for the future helped me to find what I wanted to do, however if you are undecided about your career path work experience can be a chance to experiment. As I have found law was in no way what I expected, I discovered there were aspects of the industry that did and didn’t appeal to me. It was difficult at times to keep up with advanced concepts I was faced with and it could sometimes be daunting but do not let that turn you off because as you progress so does your knowledge and understanding. In my search for a placement I was declined by many due to my young age, however with persistence I soon realised there are some excellent people, especially here at Williams Barristers and Solicitors, who want to share their knowledge with the upcoming generations.
I encourage you, whether in high-school or university, if you have the opportunity to explore, then do so because it could lead you to paths you did not otherwise expect.

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