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Choosing the Best Adelaide Lawyers for You

Best Lawyers in Adelaide

If you are asked what qualities you would look for when determining the best Adelaide lawyers I guess the logical response would include: –

  • A high degree of legal knowledge relevant to my legal issue
  • Logical thinking and the ability to provide sound advice
  • Ability to present a logical and persuasive argument in my defense
  • Attention to the details of my case

From our conversations with clients it is clear that although these are the first thoughts when asked this question….. these skills are clearly not enough.

Working with your lawyer is often one of the most personal relationships you can have with a professional. It requires absolute trust and confidence that your lawyer will work with you, listen to your concerns and respect the sensitive information provided to them. An appointment with a lawyer will also mean that sound and direct advice is required which might not always be easy to hear or accept.

The Adelaide best lawyer for you will most likely be the professional that provides the skills mentioned earlier but added to this – empathy, personal connection and respect. Very few of us are happy revealing our personal information to someone that is detached, perhaps perceived arrogant and without concern for our personal outcomes.

At Williams: Barristers and Solicitors you will not find approaches that are relics of the past. Our 21st century qualities build on the academic and technical knowledge of the past with the more personal and tailored approaches required for today. Our firm stands on the following principles:-

The Best Lawyers are not islands: Our lawyers understand the power of collaboration both within the office and with other colleagues. This approach builds knowledge, flexibility and a wider resource base to establish client defence.

The Best Lawyers believe that good people make mistakes: You will always be treated with respect and we will work beside you for the best outcomes.

The Best Lawyers will find the calm in the chaos: At the time when life is most confusing and chaotic we know that clients need to hear a different perspectives and direct advice from someone they trust to have their welfare at heart. Our lawyers at Williams know when it is important to take control of the processes and to lead you through the difficult times

The Best Lawyers will stand with you: This means that we will take the time to understand your perspective and work with you to achieve the best outcomes for you. This also means you will receive clear and honest advice, hard facts and sometime difficult options so that you can understand the implications and make informed decisions.

The Best Lawyers will ensure fees are for legal advice and representation and are not eaten away by administration: Our office is modern, efficient and makes the best use of technology so that you are not paying for services and time that do not directly support your legal matters.

At Williams we understand the elements required to be among the best Adelaide lawyers and you will see this in our practice. Call us on 08 84519040.

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