With years of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities within this field, our team of traffic lawyers in Adelaide are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support to individuals facing various traffic-related charges. Whether you find yourself entangled in drink driving (PCA or DUI) offences, drug driving violations, a potential loss of licence due to accumulated demerit points, or charges of driving without due care, we are here to help.

At Williams Traffic Lawyers, we know the potential severity and long-term impact these traffic charges can bring to your life, and we offer expert legal representation to safeguard your rights and interests. Our team carefully examines the circumstances surrounding your case so we can plan the best course of action and potentially lessen the consequences to achieve a favourable outcome.

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In our initial meeting we will tell you what can be done and the cost of doing so. You can then make an informed decision about either paying your fine or electing to be prosecuted.

Our legal advice regularly results in clients reducing their demerit points, retaining their licence, avoiding huge fines and/or imprisonment.

Our firm is highly regarded in the field of traffic law and has consistently received awards recognising this since 2018 three best traffic lawyers.

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It’s easy to think 'it is only a traffic offence'; however, traffic offences can have serious implications for you, your family and other members of the public.

Penalties ranging from substantial fines, licence disqualification and imprisonment can apply for traffic offences including drink driving, drug driving, speeding offences and driving without due care. Causing injury or death by negligent driving and or driving under a disqualification are viewed so seriously that in the absence of extenuating circumstances, imprisonment will result.

Our expert Adelaide traffic offence lawyers include solicitors with previous police officer and prosecutor experience which gives us a significant advantage in defending traffic offences. Our extensive experience of the investigation process ensures that your matter is considered thoroughly and all avenues for defence explored.

What would our expert traffic lawyers do

You can expect forthright and clear advice from our Adelaide based expert traffic lawyers who have extensive experience in all aspects of traffic law. We provide:

  • A reduced fee initial consultation to determine issues and possible options;
  • Honest advice to identify your options and the relevant costs;
  • Identification of the likely outcomes before you make your decisions
  • A clear explanation of your rights and the legal process
  • The experience to mount a compelling defence on your behalf.

The expert traffic lawyers at Williams Barristers and Solicitors treat traffic matters seriously and we achieve great results.

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Adelaide Traffic Lawyers for drink driving offences (DUI)

Under section 47A of the Road Traffic Act 1961, it is an offence to drive with blood alcohol content over 0.05. Depending on how far over 0.05 you are will determine the penalty you receive.

Category 1 offences (blood alcohol reading between 0.05 – 0.08) will result in a fine and disqualification (depending on whether first or subsequent offence).

Category 2 and category 3 offences (Blood Alcohol levels over 0.08 and 0.15 respectively) carry heavy penalties including significant licence disqualification, fines, vehicle impound fees, court costs, victims of crime levy and prosecution costs.

It is important to note that mandatory fines and licence disqualification periods apply; however, a Court may impose a greater penalty depending on your circumstances. You may also be required to have an alcohol interlock fitted to your vehicle once your disqualification period has lapsed.

If you are charged with a drink driving offence (DUI), immediately seek legal advice from our team of best drink driving offence (DUI) solicitors. Our understanding of the technicalities and testing procedures will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Adelaide Traffic lawyers for Drug Driving Offences (DUI)

It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle with THC (cannabis), methylamphetamine or MDMA in your system. It does not matter whether your ability to drive is impaired or not and evidence as to how long some drugs remain detectable in the system is unclear.

Significant penalties including fines and licence disqualifications apply even for first time offenders. 

It is important to seek expert legal advice if you are charged with a drug driving offence.

Adelaide Traffic Lawyers for Loss of License through accumulated demerit points

Ever improving detection techniques mean that demerit points can accumulate fast. Using a mobile phone whilst driving, failing to give way, speeding or driving through red lights to name a few, all carry demerit points in addition to fines. Individually they may appear minor but accumulation of these offences can have serious consequences. When the consequences include loss of licence the affect can be devastating for families and your livelihood.

In certain circumstances an application can be brought before the court for a reductions in demerit points which can mean the difference between retaining your licence or a lengthy disqualification.

It is important that you obtain legal advice before paying any expiation notice to ensure that are properly advised regarding the consequences of the incursion of further demerit points and your potential options. 

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Adelaide Traffic Lawyers for Driving without Due Care

Driving without due care can result in significant fines, disqualification and imprisonment. The serious offence of aggravated due care may involve drink driving, serious injury or excessive speed.

Charge with driving without due care or aggravated due care? It is very important that you seek expert advice from our Adelaide traffic offence lawyers immediately.

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