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Relationships, just like life, have many ups and downs and don’t always turn out how we may have planned. Separation becomes particularly hard when you are faced with having to make decisions regarding who your children live with or how your assets are to be divided. It’s often an emotional and confusing time for everyone involved. For this reason, it is essential to have an experienced family law solicitor at hand to help you make your way through the distressing times in a professional, caring and efficient manner.

At Williams Barristers and Solicitors, our family lawyers have extensive experience in family law matters to offer assistance and support in all facets of family law.

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Our family lawyers in Adelaide will guide you through the tough decision-making process

Areas of expert legal advice:

Our experienced family lawyers can provide you with representation for Family Dispute Resolution Conferences (FDR’S) as well as representation in Federal Circuit Court or Family Court of Australia proceedings.


As hard as it might be, it is important to seek legal advice quite quickly when your relationship has broken down irretrievably. The advice that you receive in the early stages will ensure that you are aware of your rights and obligations in relation to both property and children’s issues. At Williams Barristers & Solicitors our experienced divorce lawyers in Adelaide will ensure you are in control but with all of the advice and direction needed to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. They will be available when needed and there to take on the difficult negotiations and technical processes so that you can focus on you and your family’s needs at this time

Property Settlement

With emotions often running high, negotiating a property settlement post separation can be quite an overwhelming experience. Our experienced family lawyers can help guide you through this process, giving you clear advice about what you might be entitled to and help you negotiate an agreement that is just and equitable.

Children’s/Parenting matters

There are many difficult decisions to be faced following separation, the most difficult of those decisions will probably be who the children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent.

At Williams Barristers & Solicitors our experienced family lawyers can guide you through this process and help you reach a resolution that will be in the best interests of the child/ren of the relationship. Where required we can also help with parental responsibility declarations for testamentary guardians.

De Facto Relationships

Under Australian law, separating de facto couples have substantially the same rights and liabilities as married couples. This means that your carefree informal relationship may actually carry with it an obligation to pay spousal maintenance or split your superannuation.

Domestic Violence

In the context of the Criminal Law in South Australia, the term ‘Domestic Violence’ does not refer to an offence that stands alone. Rather, domestic violence refers to a range of criminal offences where the alleged offender and victim are either in, or were formerly in, a spousal or domestic partnership relationship.  The existence or former existence of such a relationship between the parties is an aggravating feature which increases the maximum penalties for the criminal offence. At Williams Barristers & Solicitors our family lawyers understand the control and abuse inherent in relationships

At Williams Barristers & Solicitors we understand that family law proceedings can be frightening, especially where there is a history of domestic violence. Our experienced family lawyers can help guide you through the court process, direct to you to a range of support services offered by the court and if circumstances permit will arrange a secure room for you at court so that you don’t have to come face to face with your former spouse.

Child Support Agreements

Child support is ongoing financial support made by one parent to the other to contribute to the costs associated with raising the parties’ child or children. Separated parents can choose to enter into either a Limited or a Binding Child Support Agreement. The purpose of these types of agreement is to determine how much child support is to be paid and when.  At Williams Barristers & Solicitors we recognise that no two families are the same. Our experienced family lawyers can help you tailor an agreement to meet the individual circumstances of your family.

If you’re going through a relationship breakdown or need advice in respect to another area of family law, call Williams Barristers and Solicitors Adelaide on 08 8451 9040 to make an appointment today.


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