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Providing clear, measured and forthright advice

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Criminal Lawyers Adelaide

We understand that good people make mistakes and regardless of that, they deserve to retain personal dignity and keep their lives intact


At Williams Legal we understand that being charged with a criminal offence can have significant life changing consequences. We know how important it is to have an experienced and trusted criminal lawyer who understands how to navigate through the legal processes with you. Our criminal defence lawyers and solicitors listen and give advice when it matters most and will take on your case with a personal commitment to you.

With Williams Barristers and Solicitors you will not face the investigation and court process alone. Our criminal defence and appeal lawyers ensure you have the best possible outcome by making sure you understand your rights, explaining the process so you understand and can be ready at all times, providing clear, measured and forthright advice and defending you strongly in court.

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer

Employing the advice of an experienced criminal defence lawyer can provide you with the best possible chance of case success. A good criminal solicitor will ensure that you understand any charges that you may be facing while helping you understand the types of defences that may be available to you.

If you have been charged with any criminal defence, the importance of working with a criminal law professional should not be overlooked as it can be the difference between being found guilty or innocent. Our criminal lawyers can work with you to provide you with advice about dealing with the police prior to the finalisation of charges, helping to ensure that you do not inadvertently harm your defence.

We understand that your freedom is important to you, which is why we invest the time and professional resources into helping you achieve a realistic outcome. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Australian law and the legal system. We work with you to ensure that we can help you achieve the best outcome for your case. So, whether you’re looking to fight a traffic offence or a serious crime, you can count on our team to help you through it.

Why Is Legal Advice Important when it comes to criminal investigation?

In the instance that you may be facing a criminal investigation or charges, any statements that you make during an interview will have an impact on your defence. This is why it is vital to properly manage your case from the outset, with the help of a criminal law professional.

Our team can work with you to make strategic decisions throughout the criminal process to help you get a fair and reasonable outcome.

The Williams firm has been recommended as a leading Criminal firm in Doyle’s Guide for 2016, 2017, and 2019.  This recommendation is based on the feedback from clients and peers.

Our Experienced Criminal Lawyers

Our criminal barristers will treat you with consideration and respect whilst using their collective experience and expertise to tailor the best defence for you.  We stand with you and our wealth of knowledge and experience is yours.

The Williams firm has an advantage through the leadership and sharing of the knowledge and experience of our Principal Andrew Williams.  Andrew’s credentials as a criminal lawyer are unique in that he has extensive experience in prosecution and legal processes gained from:

  • over 20 years in the SA Police Force as investigator and trainer
  • prosecutor with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution in Adelaide
  • prosecutor and trainer with the Solomon Islands police prosecutors
  • previous barrister and solicitor with a high profile criminal firm in Adelaide
  • establishment of Williams Legal and building to the high profile firm it is today

As a collaborative firm our team and our clients all benefit from this unique perspective on the legal processes. All barristers and solicitors at Williams Legal bring their own set of unique experiences and skills from previous firms and the many clients they have represented. Get to know them here.

Andrew Williams has been judged by clients and peers to be recommended in Doyle’s guide as a leading Criminal lawyer for the following years.

Criminal Defence and Appeal Representation

Our lawyers have extensive criminal law experience in representing clients with major indictable offences before all courts and tribunals in Adelaide and country South Australia.  We provide expert counsel for the following criminal law matters.


  • Simple Cannabis Offences
  • Cannabis personal use and supply
  • Cultivation of cannabis for sale
  • Sale of cannabis
  • Cultivation of cannabis
  • Drugs of dependence manufacture, sale and supply
  • Production, promotion and sale of controlled drugs
  • Trafficking controlled drugs
  • Possession of controlled drugs


  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Deception and Fraud
  • Serious criminal trespass
  • Arson
  • Property Damage
  • Using a motor vehicle without consent



  • Rape
  • Possessing child pornography
  • Unlawful sexual intercourse
  • Indecent assault
  • Compelled sexual manipulation
  • Child sexual assault
  • Sexual offences where the victim has a cognitive impairment
  • Procuring child to commit indecent act
  • Incest
  • Bigamy


  • Assaulting a police officer
  • Dangerous driving to escape police pursuit
  • False reports and bribing


  • Participation in criminal organisation
  • Criminal organisations in public places, prescribed places and prescribed events




  • Assault and causing harm
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Breaching Intervention Order
  • Death or harm by dangerous driving
  • Unlawful threats
  • Humiliating or degrading filming
  • Elder abuse
  • Criminal Neglect


  • Riot, Affray and Violent disorder
  • Loitering
  • Disorderly Behaviour and similar offences
  • Unlawfully on premises
  • Offences in Major Emergencies, Major Incidents




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