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Category: Family Lawyer

Inheritance and Property Settlement

When an inheritance is received, and it benefits both parties to the relationship, often upon separation the spouse who is the intended beneficiary will argue that the financial benefit was only intended for them. In these circumstances they will aim to have the inherited sum excluded from any property settlement. Whilst it is possible to… Read more »

When can children have their say?

Children’s involvement in the family law process There are varying opinions as to what extent children should have their say in resolving parenting arrangements post separation. For some this might seem nonsensical given that the children themselves are the ones who will be most profoundly effected by the decisions being made. However, it has often… Read more »

Divorce. What is the Process?

No fault divorce In Australia we have the principle of no-fault divorce. This means that when the court is granting a divorce it does not need to consider why the marriage ended. The court must simply be satisfied that the marriage has broken down and there is no reasonable likelihood that the parties will get… Read more »

Property Settlements

The Family Law Act provides the court with the power to make an alteration of property interests arising out of a relationship. Although governed by separate sections of the Act, the general principles are much the same for property settlements arising out of de-facto relationships as it is for those arising out of a marriage…. Read more »

Child Support Agreements

    Child support is ongoing financial support made by one parent to the other to contribute to the costs associated with raising the parties’ child or children.   CSA Administrative Assessment For most separated couples, the amount of child support payable will be calculated through a nominal assessment by the Child Support Agency (CSA). … Read more »

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