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Category: Family Lawyer

Property Settlements

The Family Law Act provides the court with the power to make an alteration of property interests arising out of a relationship. Although governed by separate sections of the Act, the general principles are much the same for property settlements arising out of de-facto relationships as it is for those arising out of a marriage…. Read more »

Child Support Agreements

    Child support is ongoing financial support made by one parent to the other to contribute to the costs associated with raising the parties’ child or children.   CSA Administrative Assessment For most separated couples, the amount of child support payable will be calculated through a nominal assessment by the Child Support Agency (CSA). … Read more »

Breaching Parenting Orders

  What are parenting orders? When a dispute arises in relation to providing care arrangements for a child and court proceedings are initiated, the court will examine all of the evidence presented by the parties and consider what future arrangements will be in the child’s best interests. The court will then make a series of… Read more »

Relocating your child without the other parent’s consent

Relocating with a child in Australia  Under the Family Law Act there is a presumption of equal shared parental responsibility. This means that regardless of the relationship status of the parents, all major life decisions relating to the child or children of the relationship must be made jointly (unless parental responsibility has been removed by… Read more »

The Power of an Enduring Power of Attorney

Elder abuse is an all too common occurrence in our society. With a number of high-profile cases arising in South Australia and across the country in the last several years, we at Williams Barristers and Solicitors are determined to do what we can to prevent it. An important strategy is to establish an enduring power… Read more »

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