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Police Powers – an interview on Radio Italiana 12 December 2017

Andrew Williams from Williams Barristers and Solicitors was interviewed by Vini Ciccarello on the drive time program for Radio Italians in relation to police powers.  The following is an outline of the conversation. Given New Year is approaching and the change/increase in police powers specific to the City West Entertainment Precinct, it is timely to… Read more »

Proposed Bail and Parole Changes in South Australia

On June 13 2017, the Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill made announcements about the proposed changes to the bail and parole laws for people who support or have links to terrorism.  This would mean an automatic denial of bail and parole irrespective of their immediate criminal offence. These proposed changes are supported by both major parties within… Read more »

Minimum Mandatory Sentencing Does Not Work

Williams Barristers and Solicitors takes pride in representing each client individually and deals with each case on its merits so that a just and equitable outcome can be achieved.  The push for minimum mandatory sentencing in many states including South Australia does not achieve this outcome.  It does not work. In The Conversation on 19 April 2017 … Read more »

Drug Driving in South Australia

Drug Driving Offences – Division 5 Road Traffic Act 1961 While experts disagree about the precise effects of illicit drugs on an individual, there is agreement that drugs in the system can make driving extremely dangerous. They may alter perceptions, impair coordination,  effect reaction times and the ability to make judgments about distance and speed.  There is no ”safe” level of… Read more »

Going to Court? Tips for Creating the Best Impression

Going to Court and creating the best impression Download Pamphlet Here The importance of creating a positive first impression cannot be underestimated.  It is very hard to change a first impression and this first impression when going to court may make a big difference. When it comes to appearing in court, creating the right impression… Read more »

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