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Crypto assets in property settlements

In 2009 we saw the emergence of the worlds first form of digital currency, Bitcoin. Whilst it may seem tempting to conceal assets by transferring them to cryptocurrency, the cost implications for failing to comply with your disclosure obligations can be significant.

Heavy Vehicle National Laws

Most Australian states and territories operate under a uniform national law in relation to truck and heavy vehicle issues.

Family Court Orders: What does lockdown mean for you?

If you aren’t sure what the lockdown means for you and your family, our family lawyers are available on (08) 8451 9040 to provide urgent advice about compliance with Court Orders and informal time spending arrangements during SA’s lockdown.


WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? Whether you have been married or living as a de facto couple, negotiating the division of your relationship assets is often one of the most stressful aspects of separation. When it comes to property settlement negotiations, there is not a one size fits all method of resolution. The best way to… Read more »

Family Court – New Initiatives

New initiatives for the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court.

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