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Courts in South Australia


Courts in South Australia

The lawyers at Williams Barristers and Solicitors are experts in providing legal representation in all main courts in South Australia.

With broad experience in representation we guarantee our full commitment in achieving the best outcome for you.

Supreme Court

1 Gouger Street Adelaide SA 5000

The Supreme Court is the highest court of the State. The largest and most important cases are dealt with in this Court and it hears appeals against decisions of other Courts (and decisions made by single Judges).

 Magistrates Courts

The Magistrates Court deals with criminal summary offences, which may be dealt with by a fine, imprisonment of up to two years, community service or a good behaviour bond. The court also deals with minor indictable charges with possible imprisonment of 2 – 5 years.

In its civil jurisdiction, it hears matters seeking damages of up to $80,000 as a result of motor vehicle accidents, or up to $40,000 for general claims.

Also matters regardless of seriousness will usually begin the the Magistrate’s Court

  • Adelaide Magistrates Court, 260 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA  5000
  • Christies Beach Magistrates Court, 96 Dyson Road Christies Beach SA 5164
  • Elizabeth Magistrates Court, 15 Frobisher Road, Elizabeth 5112
  • Port Adelaide, 260 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide 5015


Williams Barristers and Solicitors will also provide representation in country courts.

  • Berri, 4 Kay Avenue Berri  5343
  • Ceduna, 7 McKenzie Street Ceduna 5690
  • Coober Pedy, Malliotis Blvd Coober Pedy 5723
  • Kadina, Graves Street, Kadina 5554
  • Mount Barker, 37 Hutchinson Street, Mount Barker, 5251
  • Mount Gambier, 41 Bay Road, Mountambier, 5290
  • Naracoorte, 54 Smith Street, Naracoorte, 5271
  • Port Augusta, 4 Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta, 5700
  • Port Lincoln, 1 Liverpool Street, Port Lincoln
  • Port Pirie, 20 Main Road, Port Pirie, 5540
  • Tanunda, 40 Murray Street, Tanunda, 5211
  • Whyalla, 1 Whitehead Street, Whyalla, 5600

District Court

Sir Samuel Way Building, 241-259 Victoria Square Adelaide SA 5000

The District Court is the principal trial court in South Australia. The Court’s work covers four jurisdictions:

  • Civil
  • Criminal (Murder and treason offences can only be heard by the Supreme Court)
  • Administrative and Disciplinary Division

The Court sits in Adelaide and conducts circuits at:

  • Mount Gambier (civil and criminal)
  • Port Augusta (civil and criminal)
  • Berri (civil)
  • Port Pirie (civil)
  • Whyalla (civil)
  • Port Lincoln (civil)

 Youth Court

75 Wright Street, Adelaide 5000

The Youth Court has three separate administrative branches. The court hears: trials and guilty pleas in criminal cases for youths under the age of 18 years, child protection applications and applications for adoption of children. The Family Conference Team conducts family conferences for young offenders. The Care and Protection Unit conducts family care meetings.

 Family Court

Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Courts Building, 3 Angas Street Adelaide SA 5000

The Family Court of Australia has jurisdiction over all matrimonial causes and associated responsibilities.

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