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What can the best drink drive lawyers do for you?

It is common to think that nothing can be done with a drink drive charge but that is not always the case.  There are a number of aspects to be considered for a defence.  The result can be a reduction in the level of offending or it may lead to the charges being withdrawn.
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Drink drive lawyers commonly work with two types of offences described under Division 5 of the Road Traffic Act 1961:

·       Driving Under the Influence (DUI); and

·       Driving with a Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA)

DUI offences are committed when a driver is so much under the influence of an intoxicating liquor or a drug that they are incapable of exercising effective control of the vehicle.

Penalties for DUI include hefty fines, imprisonment and licence disqualification.

PCA offences are committed when a driver has in their blood a concentration of alcohol exceeding 0.05.

PCA offences are broken into three categories which determine the mandatory minimum penalties which a court must impose as a starting point. It is irrelevant in these types of matters whether the driver could, although being intoxicated, exercise effective control of their vehicle.  

Categories of offending and relevant charges can be found here

Penalties for PCA offences include fines, licence disqualification and depending on prior convictions and the category of offence, a requirement that driver install an alcohol interlock device on their vehicle after the period of disqualification has been served.

It Is important that person(s) charged with drink driving offences contact the best drink driving solicitors at an early stage to ensure that they obtain the right advice to achieve the best outcome under the law.

We can help with your drink drive charges

Drink drive offences are a technical area of law well understood by our solicitors at Williams Barristers and Solicitors. Our drink drive lawyers have an excellent record in successfully negotiating the reduction or withdrawal of charges in appropriate cases.  We are also highly experience in structuring pleas in mitigation to ensure the best possible outcome for clients without a technical defence.

Because drink driving offences are a technical area of law, there are several issues to consider in order to determine whether you have a defence. Some of the issues include:

– Has a blood test been taken?
– Is the blood alcohol reading exaggerated?
– Is there an argument to reduce the category of the offence?
– Have Police complied with their statutory requirements?

What to expect at Williams Barristers and Solicitors

Our ability to achieve excellent outcomes for our drink driving clients is due to members of our team having expertise and experience in policing and prosecution. This gives the expert drink driving solicitors at Williams Barristers and Solicitors a distinct edge in negotiating the best outcome for clients.

A significant amount of work is undertaken outside of Court and our practical understanding of the law and internal prosecution processes enables us to ensure that your matter is resolved efficiently and with the best possible outcome for our clients. Williams Barristers and Solicitors are recognised amongst the best drink drive lawyers in Adelaide. 

Read Williams Barristers and Solicitors testimonials here.

The Williams Drink Drive Lawyers Guarantee

The team at Williams guarantee that:

We will provide you with clear and honest advice regarding your legal rights, obligations, possible defences and cost of our representation;

We will negotiate with prosecution and explore all options to ensure that no stone is left unturned in preparing your matter for Court; and

Our expert team will work our hardest to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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