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New Road Safety Laws

Two cyclists on a road and a white car

New bike safety laws require 1m distance from cyclists in metro area. Photo courtesy Advertiser

The education phase for the new bike safety laws comes to an end today 28th January 2016.  Violation of the rules can result in an on-the-spot fine of $287, plus a $60 victims of crime levy and two demerit points.

The new laws include a minimum distance for passing motorists of 1m where speed limit is 60km/h or less and 1.5m where the speed limit is more than 60km/h.

It is also legal for cyclists to ride on the footpath unless it is specifically prohibited and signposted as such.  Cyclist must ensure they keep to the left, give way to pedestrians and use the bicycle to warn other users.

The new rules can be found in full on the MyLicence website here with additional facts, Questions and Answers.

An article in the Advertiser on 28th January 2016 indicates that police have received over 50 complaints against drivers ignoring the 1m rule and 56 through the Traffic Watch system.  10 cautions have been issued in the three months education period.

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