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The Power of an Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring power of attorneyElder abuse is an all too common occurrence in our society. With a number of high-profile cases arising in South Australia and across the country in the last several years, we at Williams Barristers and Solicitors are determined to do what we can to prevent it.

An important strategy is to establish an enduring power of attorney to help you and your family handle your property or financial aspects should you be unable to do so. In the event of this very difficult situation occurring it enables your financial affairs to be managed with the least amount of stress.

Enduring power of attorney in South Australia requires only that the person being granted the power is at least 18 years old. It is however sensible to consider a friend or relative that lives close enough to assist with your day-to-day issues, is trustworthy and is competent enough to deal with all associated matters.

Ensure that you choose someone who is able to handle the differing views of the family with the least amount of conflict. You will want someone who is able to act on your behalf first and foremost and do this within what is likely to be a very difficult and confusing time for the whole family.

If you don’t have anyone to assist with this arrangement, know that you can always work with a third party who would be able to act completely impartially during this situation.

Enduring power of attorney needs to be set up at a time when you can competently make that decision. Talk with us about how you can secure your future. The team at Williams Barristers Solicitors have assisted many families in establishing an Enduring Power of Attorney as part of a quality estate planning process. We understand the stress that can be caused within a family when directions and wishes are not clear and how not being prepared can leave an opening for elder abuse even in families where is least expected.

Ensuring you have the right solicitor to organise the legal aspects is critical as they are obliged to ensure that no one is being coerced into making this decision and that all parties involved understand the significance of the situation.

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