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Safe Driving During the Holidays

Drink Driving Lawyers AdelaideThe festive season is upon us, which means it’s time for catching up with friends and family, cross country drives and – unfortunately – time for the higher road toll to skyrocket. As high volumes of people travel all over the country for the summer break, the risk of being involved in an accident moves into the red zone. People are driving long hours, often distracted by tiredness or the stress of the holiday season. Add a prevalence of drink driving into the mix and there’s little wonder the road toll increases so significantly over the Christmas holiday season
Make sure you’re prepared for a safe journey by following our traffic law experts’ tips for staying safe on the road this Christmas.

1. Map out your breaks before you leave

Before you set out on a long drive, map out a route that accommodates regular rest breaks. Ideally, you should take rest stops at least every two hours to keep your mind sharp. If you begin to feel drowsy or unfocussed at any point during the drive, pull over for a power nap as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Remember not to pull off the highway unless there is a marked stopping bay or exit. There are many great websites that suggest safe rest areas to stop, or even stay a night, Australia-wide.

2. Prepare your car

Check your oil and water before long trips, as well as the tyre pressure, indicators and any other recurring faults your car might have.

3. Drive safely

Always keep within the speed limit and reduce your speed if the road is wet or icy. Remember the speed limit is not a target. Avoid tailgating: keep at least a three second distance from the car in front. Check your blind spot regularly, keeping an eye out for motorcyclists, motorists and other hazards. Keep your hands on the wheel – don’t be distracted by your phone, in-car audio or temperature control while driving. Get up to speed before merging.

4. Don’t drink and drive

Above all, don’t drink and drive. If you’re planning on having a drink, ask someone else to drive or leave the car at home altogether. Drink driving is related to nearly a quarter of car crash deaths; it’s not worth the risk.

If you have been in a car accident where alcohol was involved, make sure you know your legal rights. Williams Barristers and Solicitors provide drink driving advice and lawyers to make sure a fair outcome is reached. Whether you were drunk driving or suffered damages or loss due to negligent driving, our traffic law experts can provide sound legal advice to help you gain the best possible outcome.

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