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Sexual Offences Lawyer in Adelaide

Sexual Offences are Serious – Take Advice from our Sexual Offence Lawyers

Sexual Offence LawyersSex offences are among some of the most serious charges that can be faced.  It is important to talk to an experienced sexual offences lawyer as soon as possible.

In the digital age, there are more and more ways to commit a sexual offence. Communicating with strangers on social media platforms like Snap Chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Kik are just some of the ways that people find themselves charged with sex offences. People can send messages, pictures or videos without realizing the seriousness of their actions.

Allegations of sexual abuse are easy to make and can be hard to defend. Sometimes allegations are linked to family law disputes, custody disputes or disharmony within families or friends.

Police can lay historical charges relating to events years or even decades ago, making it very hard for accused persons to mount a defence.

Sexual Offences include:


indecent assault

unlawful sexual intercourse


persistent sexual exploitation

possessing child pornography

communicating with children for a prurient purpose and

procuring children to engage in sexual acts

If these charges are proven it can lead to lengthy sentences of imprisonment and being placed on sex offender registers.  An experienced sexual offences lawyer may make all the difference.

Defending Sexual Offences

South Australian police have specialist task-forces to investigate sex offences. Williams Barristers and Solicitors, headed by former Detective and Prosecutor Andrew Williams, know the investigation techniques that are employed by police. As sexual offences lawyers we protect our clients to ensure that they receive a fair trial.

Sexual offences require expert criminal representation and advice from specialist sexual offence lawyers who regularly appear in the Magistrates Court, District Court and Supreme Court on these types of matters. Often what is said and done at the very start has a major impact on what can be used in your defence.  Williams Barristers and Solicitors have a team of solicitors who know the intricacies of dealing with sex offences and will provide you with clear advice and strong representation at all levels.

Before you can be found guilty the prosecution needs to prove the elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt. If you decide to contest the charges, we will explore your defences, your options and the weaknesses in the prosecution case. Sexual offences require a careful and considered approach. Tactics can be extremely important.

If you decide to plead guilty our sexual offence lawyers will ensure you and your case are presented in the most favourable way. We will explore the reasons why the offence was committed, refer you to expert psychological treatment, raise any mitigating factors and ensure that a lenient and fair sentence is passed by the Court.

We are highly experienced and successful in defending all types of sexual offences.  We have acted for clients in serious sex offence matters. We also conduct appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal to challenge convictions and sentences for sex offences.

Don’t place your livelihood and future in the hands of anyone except an expert Sex Offence Lawyer.

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