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Superannuation and Your Will

  Why is Superannuation Different to Any Other Assets I Own? Superannuation is not automatically distributed as other financial assets in your will.  Below are some common questions and answers but it is recommended that you seek specific advice from your lawyer so that your benefits will distributed according to your wishes. Strictly you do… Read more »

10 Step Survival Plan – Advice from a Family Lawyer

Family law matters can be complex and highly emotive. It is easy for parties to become distracted by side issues which are not always relevant and often only serve to make matters worse. Our family lawyers have compiled a brief list of things to keep in mind which we believe will help you survive the process… Read more »

Law for You – in 10 languages

The Legal Services Commission recently published a short guide, Law for You It is intended to help non-English speakers learn key laws and find out about services available to assist with legal problems. The guide is available in 10 languages which are identified as those most commonly spoken by new arrivals in SA:  Arabic, Burmese,… Read more »

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