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Do It Yourself Will Kits

Low Cost Alternative or Recipe for Disaster? As Wills and Estates lawyers we are often engaged to assist executors or beneficiaries of estates where the deceased has either drafted their own will or relied upon legal will kits to distribute their assets. A simple mistake has the potential for significant cost to your estate and beneficiaries…. Read more »

Testamentary Capacity and Statutory Wills

The purpose of a Will is to enable a person (Testator) to give instructions as to how they wish their assets to be distributed after death. To provide Will instructions a Testator must have testamentary capacity, which means that they: Understand the nature of a Will and its effect; Understand the extent of the property… Read more »

Your Partner & Your Will – Power Of Attorney & Advance Care Directive

Ben Jago, as supplied and published in Star Observer 10 November 2015   Make sure that your wills, powers of attorney and advance care directives refer to partners as such rather than just by name. An interesting article published in the Star Observer on 10 November 2015 and written by Shannon Power, identifies the issues and grief… Read more »

Wills, wills, wills. I don’t want to think about it right now.

As a Wills & Estates lawyer I often hear the following statements from clients, family and friends: ‘I don’t need a Will! all I own is a house and my bank account’, or ‘I don’t need a Will, my family will decide what happens to my possessions when I die’ or ‘I’m too young to… Read more »

Law for You – in 10 languages

The Legal Services Commission recently published a short guide, Law for You It is intended to help non-English speakers learn key laws and find out about services available to assist with legal problems. The guide is available in 10 languages which are identified as those most commonly spoken by new arrivals in SA:  Arabic, Burmese,… Read more »

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