What makes Williams Barristers and Solicitors amongst the top defence firms in Adelaide?

The legal team at Williams has a clear leading edge over many other firms offering similar services.  Initally the firm was established by two established criminal lawyers with a range of experiences across the legal profession.  

Andrew Williams' defence credentials are unique in that he applies the knowledge and experience gained as a former Prosecutor with the DPP in Adelaide and Honiara, Solomon Islands and a career as a police investigator and police trainer.

This gives the team the advantage of a complete understanding of how the system works. We understand not only DPP considerations but the underlying mechanics and methods of the investigative processes and the extent of police powers.

With this knowledge and experience we are recognised in the group of top defence lawyers in Adelaide and are able to chart the best course for your defence.

Mark Williams has worked in a number of law firms across Adelaide before establishing Williams Barristers and Solicitors. He also brings the experience of working in the DPP in the Solomon Islands and the Australian Legal Rights Movement in Adelaide.

Mark has also developed significant expertise in drafting estate documents and managing deceased estates.

Laura Elkins is an expert in family law. Coupled with her significant experience in the area she has completed her Masters in Applied Law (Family Law) and is soon to complete the Family Law Specialist accreditation joining a small number of specialists in Adelaide.

Combined with this expertise, Laura has developed a significant practice in Criminal law.

Williams Criminal Lawyers and Family Lawyers Adelaide

Since our establishment in 2015, Andrew Williams as criminal solicitor and the Williams firm have been recommended by Doyles Guide.

The areas of legal expertise are complementary and access to this range of expertise enhances the service and quality we are able to bring to complex issues.

Our lawyers will offer you clear advice, with support and understanding which will make these difficult times a whole lot easier. They are experienced counsel who can represent you in all Court and Tribunals or can arrange representation from our panel of specialist Barristers.

For advice with leading Adelaide criminal lawyers call Williams Barristers & Solicitors.

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