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Did you know that Fixed Speed Cameras Also Catch Unregistered Drivers

Unregistered drivers and uninsured drivers

Multiple fines from Fixed Camera.  Photo courtesy Advertiser, Mike Burton


…………………..and it is a new fine each time you drive through.

In the Advertiser on February 6 2016 it is reported that a young P-plate driver has amassed tens of thousands of dollars in fines in just six months for driving unregistered and uninsured.   You can read the full article here.

She was unaware that the recently bought vehicle was not registered and every time she drove down a particular section of road she registered a fine from the fixed speed camera.

Unfortunately, the expiation notices were going to the previous owner and the resultant fines amounted to around $30,000.  This of course also had to potential to result in serious consequences including loss of licence and in some circumstances time in jail.

South Australian has very high penalties and rate of enforcement and it is very easy to find yourself in a situation such as this young driver.

Should you be facing loss of licence or other serious consequences through traffic infringements it is important to contact an experienced criminal and traffic lawyer before you do anything else.

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