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Category: Wills and Estates

What is the difference between Corporate and Individual Trustees?

It is important to understand the structure of a trust when drafting a will to ensure that the day to day control of the trust can continue without significant delay on death of a client.

Liability of Executors: Family Provision Claims

Do you understand the Liability of Executors? Under the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972 (SA) person(s) may bring an action for further provision from an estate on the basis that they have been left without adequate provision for their proper maintenance, education and advancement. A claim for further provision must be made within 6 months… Read more »

Executor of Will Obligations

I have been nominated as an executor, what do I have to do? If the above sounds like you, don’t despair. Acting as an executor can be a daunting and foreign experience for many and it is not uncommon for clients, at least in the initial stages, to be unsure of just what it is… Read more »

The Power of an Enduring Power of Attorney

Elder abuse is an all too common occurrence in our society. With a number of high-profile cases arising in South Australia and across the country in the last several years, we at Williams Barristers and Solicitors are determined to do what we can to prevent it. An important strategy is to establish an enduring power… Read more »

Are your will and estate documents in a safe place?

Our will and estate lawyers will tell you that most people understand the importance of documenting a comprehensive will to outline their final wishes.  This will all come to nought however if the will cannot be found when it is needed. Recently a couple called into our Adelaide office.  They had been very diligent in… Read more »

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