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Criminal Records – Spent Convictions

frustrated man waiting for a criminal record checkThere are many barriers to getting ahead in today’s job market which is characterised by high levels of unemployment and competition.

It can be especially difficult for those whose past mistakes have resulted in a criminal record.

Industries such as construction, mining, education, health and professional services, often require prospective employees to obtain a criminal record check prior to commencing employment.

If you have a criminal record you will often find yourself at the bottom of the pile.

The requirement to obtain a police clearance is not limited to employees. Many licencing and regulation bodies now require that business owners disclose their criminal histories as part of the fit and proper person test.

Although a criminal record is for life, there are special circumstances in which an application can be made to have past offences excluded from your police clearance.

Are you in the process of applying for a job, licence or authorisation requiring a criminal record check?

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Don’t let the mistakes of your past block your future.

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