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Criminal Record? Is this damaging your job prospects?

criminal record

Does a criminal record mean a Black Mark for Life?

It is hard enough to get established in a job which ensures your financial security without the added disadvantage of a criminal record.  Until it is spent it will appear every time your prospective employer requires a police clearance.

Increasingly employers are requiring police checks as part of their employment strategies.  In this competitive market you could be overlooked.  You will not have an opportunity to provide the circumstances of the offence, when it occurred or anything else you may have done to rectify your mistakes.

Whilst a criminal record will remain for life the Spent Convictions Act 2009 (SA) outlines which offences and when they will be spent. This means the convictions (with some exceptions) will no longer appear on your police clearance.  Specific employment circumstances however require spent convictions be disclosed.  This includes employment where you will be caring for children, vulnerable people or if you are required to take a character test.

If you are applying for work in circumstances where your spent convictions will be disclosed you may apply for them to remain undisclosed.  This will be considered by a magistrate with consideration the type of offence and other factors including public interest.  If your application is rejected must wait a further two years before a re-application.

At Williams Barristers and Solicitors we work on the principle that good people make mistakes.  We believe this shouldn’t prejudice future prospects.  Don’t let the mistakes of your past block your future.

If you have a record and it is likely to affect your job prospects  contact  Adelaide criminal lawyers at Williams Barristers and Solicitors and discuss what can be done.

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