Demerit points can stack up quickly these days with fixed cameras on every intersection, cutting edge detection equipment and more and more traffic laws passing parliament.

Did you know that if you incur 12 or more demerit points in three years you will lose your licence for at least 3 months?

If you are on your P-plates incurring 4 or more points means losing your licence for 6 months.

Many people on their full-licence choose to go on a “Good Behaviour Option” to keep their licence. But this is a risky “double or nothing” deal, because if you commit almost any traffic offence in the next year you will be disqualified for DOUBLE – i.e at least 6 months.

P-platers who have run out of points often choose to go on a “Safer Driver Agreement” to keep on the road but this has its own pitfalls.  Incur 4 or more points within the next year and you will be disqualified for 12 months. Get caught sending a text one day and driving without P-plates the next could mean you are catching the bus for a year.

Remember - once you have paid an expiation notice there is no way out of the demerit points trap. You need to make an informed choice BEFORE you pay the notice.

Our team of expert criminal and traffic lawyers can take your matter to Court and reduce the number of demerit points that you get for your offence. That way you don’t have to go near a good behaviour option or safer driver agreement. This will give you some breathing room if you incur more points in the future.

For P-platers and probationary licence holders there is a hardship appeal where we can help you get your licence back if you meet the test.

So, if you have received an expiation notice or are worried about demerit points on your licence or your children’s licence, you need expert legal advice from Williams Barristers and Solicitors.

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