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Which Police Questions Do I Have to Answer

Speaking with the Police. Which police questions do I have to answer? One of the main techniques that Police in South Australia use to investigate criminal and traffic offences is questioning. It can be very intimidating being asked questions by the Police, especially if you are unfamiliar with Police procedures and Criminal Law. Police can… Read more »

Specialist Criminal Lawyers at Williams

Panel System to Ensure Representation by Specialist Criminal Lawyers In  “The Bulletin” published by the Law Society of the South Australia, the President states the following in relation to specialist criminal lawyers. Whilst no practitioner should be discouraged from undertaking criminal law, there should be an appreciation that it is an area of specialist practice.’… Read more »

Home Detention and Community Supervision Alternatives to Prison

At Williams Barristers and Solicitors we are proud of our reputation in achieving the best outcomes for clients in criminal matters. We believe that prison sentences are often counterproductive for both a client’s rehabilitation and society in general.  Sentences of imprisonment should only be imposed if all reasonable alternatives are exhausted; however, over the last 10… Read more »

Law for You – in 10 languages

Williams Barristers and Solicitors work in the areas of Criminal Law, Family Law, Traffic Law, Wills and Estates.  We welcome the new information published by the Legal Services Commission to assist new immigrants to the country and living in South Australia. It is intended to help non-English speakers learn key laws and find out about services available… Read more »

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