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Do you know how to merge on Australian Roads?

Merging lanes Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Are you clear on who has right of way when merging on our roads?

There are only two rules to remember but it is surprising how many drivers are unsure or ignore these rules.   How often are accidents avoided by someone slamming on the breaks to allow another car to enter in front of them.

It is all about the broken painted line between the two lanes.  Does it continue and cut of a lane or does it stop before the end and let the two lanes turn into one?

The Australian Road Rules regulation 148 and 149 provide clarity around these two rules:

  1. When you are travelling in a marked lane that is coming to an end and you are required to merge into another lane across the broken painted lineGIVE WAY.  A gives way to B.
    This is the same rule as applies any time you are entering another lane.


  1. When  travelling in a marked lane and the line marking ends before the two lanes are required to merge – give way to the vehicle that is ahead.  B gives way to A.

The consequences of not getting these rules right in South Australia has the highest penalties of all the states with a $392 fine and three demerit points at time of writing.

Penalties for offences related to these rules are significant on their own and may result in serious consequences including loss of licence with an accumulation of offences.  

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Try the Smarter Drivers quiz to check out our your knowledge on some the lesser understood road rules.    

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