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Tag: Traffic fines

Talk to our traffic lawyers BEFORE paying traffic fines

Traffic cameras Advanced police technology and fixed traffic cameras mean that people in Adelaide are getting more expiation notices and more traffic fines more often. Another problem is that registration stickers are no longer used and it is very easy to drive an unregistered car. Some clients are fined for drive unregistered two, three or four… Read more »

Infringement Notice: A Lawyer May Make the Difference

Adelaide woman sells car for $700, slapped with a $786 Infringement Notice for speeding 11 hours later. The ABC Adelaide published an article by Brett Williamson on Tuesday 29 September 2015 in relation to unfortunate circumstances for a woman who sold her car but was later confronted with speeding fines worth more than what she… Read more »

“KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING” – Australia’s Most Ignored Road Sign

We’ve all been there. You’re driving along a multi-lane road free and easy before for some inexplicable reason you are suddenly 20 cars deep in a line of traffic behind two cars traveling alongside each other 20km/h under the speed limit. Enraged, you stare and point helplessly at the ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’ signs plastered… Read more »

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