Traffic cameras

Advanced police technology and fixed traffic cameras mean that people in Adelaide are getting more expiation notices and more traffic fines more often.

Another problem is that registration stickers are no longer used and it is very easy to drive an unregistered car. Some clients are fined for drive unregistered two, three or four times in a day.  This is because the cameras are everywhere and you will unknowingly collect a number of fines before you receive the notification of the first.

These fines are stressful and can put huge financial pressure on families.  Accumulated fines can also lead to other serious consequences that effect your ability to carry on a normal family or work life.

Our traffic lawyers can help with your traffic fines

Did you know that we can help you negotiate a better deal with the Expiation Notice Branch and Fines Payment Unit?

For example, we recently helped a client with more than 40 traffic fines for driving unregistered and uninsured. The Fines Unit had commenced enforcement action and were going to cancel our client’s licence. After coming to see the expert traffic lawyers at Williams Barristers and Solicitors, our client kept their licence and only had to pay 1 fine.

If you have received multiple expiation notices or the Fines Unit have commenced enforcement action against you or your loved ones, before you pay anything you should make an appointment to see one of our expert traffic lawyers or expert criminal lawyers immediately.

We’ll stand with you to achieve the best outcome.

It could save you thousands of dollars.

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